BLKINC helps businesses select, configure, integrate, and maintain cloud applications that keep project teams and administrative groups running smoothly and profitably.


  • Extensive consulting experience with SMBs
  • 360° assessment of existing systems, team requirements and budget feasibility
  • Leverage of open source and subscription based solutions
  • Focus on security and continuity of operations
  • Full export capabilities to avoid platform hostage situations
  • Vendor neutral - no hidden referral deals with application or hosted service providers


We implement and integrate a wide variety of system features, including:

  • Enterprise accounting - financial reporting, job cost, AR, AP, payroll, on-line payments and mobile access
  • Project management - tasks, schedules, time tracking, budgets, and document collaboration with internal and external options
  • Secure communications - mail, IM, video conference, desktop share and VoIP
  • Back-end support - replication, backups, migrations, domain management and accounting conversions


  • Subscription based solutions from best-of-class providers in the US, EU, Australia and New Zealand
  • Open source applications running on private cloud servers at Rackspace, Amazon, Bitnami, Linode, and Digital Ocean
  • Associate developer services available for advanced customization and integration requirements